Distributor & Reseller management

AsiaComm applies key drivers of successful channel development strategies, which include, growing market share against competitors via appropriate channels, increasing sales and managing partners cost-effectively. For instance, the deployment of a targeted one-to-one marketing approach increases partners' exposure, facilitating the dissemination of product information, marketing goals, price and availability in a controlled and cost effective way.

A well-managed partner management programme targets valuable distribution partners. Their growth and development enhance skills sets that is necessary in product and services marketing to the end-users.

Distributor & Reseller communication (i.e., One-to-One Marketing)

AsiaComm aims to efficiently connect partners with partners. With established processes, communication channels are utilised with minimal costs. These channels include newsletters, product/business/press announcements, promotional programmes, price and availability information. Aided by a full-fledged collateral fulfillment services, all parties are kept abreast of the latest information.


Channel marketing initiatives

Delivering end-to-end channel/direct marketing services, AsiaComm's channel marketing initiatives will assist you on the following as well:

  • Programme management
  • Lead generation
  • Channel recruitment and dbase management
  • Try and buy programmes
  • Response handling, management and fulfillment
  • Order/fulfillment verification and tracking, including phone, fax, and web-based response
  • Outbound/web-based surveys
  • Tier one customer support
  • Product information management
  • Retail channel management - store market positioning, in-store audits and POS materials creation


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